Accent on Functionality

Unlike acrylics or oils, watercolor paints have a mind of their own — rich and juicy, yet unpredictable and hard to control. But learn to work with them, and they’ll do most of the work for you. You’ll study exactly how to handle the paints to get the beautiful effects only watercolor can provide.

Additional Information

With many years of art-making experience at hand, I am blessed to have my works featured in numerous exhibitions across the US! For my friends and fans that also means that every such an exhibition is a chance to come and see my works being displayed in public!

Detailed Documentation

Regardless of what’s the theme that you’ve purchased, it’s always easier to manage it if it has a detailed documentation.

Students works are published regularly in newspapers, public exhibitions and also have the chance to participate in a variety of art competitions in both the US and overseas. With professional, modern and new innovative concepts in creative education, Art School will enable your child to develop:

Abstract Art
Web Design
Oil Paintings